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Recent Episodes

113: Lee Recca, Denver Permaculture Guild
If you've heard of permaculture but you're not sure what it actually is, you're in luck! Join me for a[...]
112: Benu AmunRa – Food Justice in Colorado
The pandemic and economic implosion have exposed and amplified the pre-existing flaws in our food system. Hunger, access to nutritious[...]
111: 15th Annual Colorado Environmental Film Festival
Film is a powerful type of environmental education that can reach beyond the classroom and the trail. Join me for[...]
110: Being Enough
Desperation is never a good look. You've probably had this experience many times. When you act needy, the exact thing that[...]
109: Biochar Building Community, Tony C. Saladino
What is biochar? How can you use it? Should you make it yourself? How can it build community? Find out[...]
108: Renee Millard Chacon, Relearn & Reimagine
Join me for an interview with special guest, Renee Millard Chacon. In this episode, we'll talk about defining environmental justice,[...]